Variable data printing (VDP) spans the gamut from the simple "Dear Bill" mail merge to the completely personalized piece with changing colour images. The common thread is that the printed end-product is driven by the customer's database. Basically, the more you know about your target audience, the more you can customize your appeal.

VDP was formerly the exclusive domain of direct mass mailers, but the new age of VDP has empowered associations, non-profits, software companies, health care providers, colleges and universities, ad agencies, and corporations to put previously untapped data to use in personalizing their messages. Whether it's a postcard of your "dream car" or a personalized benefit statement in a full-colour booklet, businesses are embracing the selling power of VDP and realizing the benefits.

Customized digitally printed pieces speak uniquely to each individual in your audience and use your data to drive the process. Customization can include type, graphics, and images. As part of an integrated web-and-print solution, customized printing can create a unique opportunity to capture relevant data about your audience and produce highly targeted messages in response.